Own It!

It is early December in New England and not a time we typically get multi-day snowstorms. At least not in my area. It serves as a reminder that no matter how much you don’t like change; it is going to happen. And it probably won’t be in your chosen timeframe. I am not a big fan of change in routine or daily life in general, but I have learned to be a little more graceful during change. I do however love the change of seasons, which is why I do not think I could ever leave New England.

Let’s think about this in regards to our own lives. We have seasons in life that are great! And we have seasons that are difficult, and sometimes we feel like this is the season that will break us. Overdramatic? Maybe, but we can tend to have these feelings in hard times. When the pressure is on to provide for the family. When we need to care for a sick or failing loved one. When there are circumstances that are completely out of our control and we cannot fix it.

Understand that what you are going through right now is only a season. More importantly what you choose to do in this season will dictate how fast you come out of it.

There are two sides to every coin. I would like to look at two sides of how we deal with the changes and challenges that come our way. No matter what you do in any given situation, one critical piece of the puzzle is what you are saying about your situation. Another critical piece is what you are doing about the situation. Address situations spiritually and naturally. My Pastor puts it this way, “You do the possible and let God do the impossible.” This is why it is critical as a leader in your family, workplace and community that we infuse the promises of God into our life. Then follow it up with action in the natural!

The words you speak!

We see in the 11th chapter of Mark in verse 14 where Jesus cursed the fig tree because it was not bearing fruit. The tree withered up and died. To then understand that the same authority that Jesus walked in was given to us is a sobering thought (Luke 10:19). This tells us that we have the authority to speak to circumstances and situations in our lives using the Word of God and they must change. I am not promising that they will change in an instant, but as we speak and believe the Word of God it will come to pass. I encourage you to begin a regiment of confessions daily. It is going to take consistency and tenacity. Your confessions may start with a tone of frustration, but as you continue, you will find that your circumstances improve and so does your attitude. I have some confessions in the Resources page that you can start with. There are also additional resources there as well.

Take Action!

I am a firm believer in the power of the Word and promises of God. I am also a firm believer that you have a responsibility to lead your family well and that means taking action where needed. If you are having health issues, speak the Word and find treatment. If you are having financial problems, speak the Word and get some good financial advice. If you are having marital problems, speak the Word and find a counsellor or speak to your Pastoral staff about a program to work on your marriage. There are plenty of resources out there for whatever you are going through. But if you never tap into those resources you will never come out of this season. You will continue to precipitate the same habits and behaviors that keep you like a dog chasing it’s tail. We cannot complain about the bad results we are getting when we are doing nothing to change those results. Own the responsibility and be the hero that the situation needs!

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