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Formerly point man.blog

There are times in life where we our faith is challenged and we struggle to find the right answers. These are the times when we must not relent. We must not shrink back from the promises that God has given us as His children and heirs. This is the time when we walk in unrelenting faith in God and trust in His word.

We are making a shift here, but continuing in what God has called us to do. This is formerly the pointman.blog site that is now Unrelenting Ministries. Why the name Unrelenting Ministries? Because it explains how we as a family have had to walk at different times in our lives and in our relationship with God. We want to focus on some key areas but still be open to general opportunities to minister to God’s people. We will focus on men and women individually and the family as a whole. We will also be putting some attention on Special Needs families and parenting. While this is our focus, we will always be pushing forward with the mission and purpose that God has called us to.

We have provided a small list of resources that have proven to be valuable to us in learning how to walk through life and overcome challenges according to God’s Word.

I hope you will also check out the Blog Posts link above. We pray that you will find these posts helpful and inspiring.