Speak Up!

So there you are, lying in bed at night staring at the ceiling and the thoughts flood through your mind. The mortgage, the bills, college tuition, my family’s health. Are my children doing ok? Could I be doing something more to put my family in a better situation for the future? Not sure about you, but I have had those nights.

I find that it is what I do in those moments that determines how a situation unfolds. Fear and worry will get me nowhere. In fact, it will make me miserable, sick and start tearing my body down. So that moment when I am lying there is the moment right before I turn those concerns into prayers and petitions to God. As you begin to take your responsibility as leader of the family seriously, these concerns tend to weigh a little heavier on your heart and mind. The good thing is that the Bible tells us that God knows our needs before we even ask (Matthew 6:8). But we still need to “Speak Up” and ask! Precisely why the Bible also tells us in Philippians 4:6 to “make your petitions known” to God. It does not need to be eloquent or spoken in fancy Elizabethan or King James English. Just ask God for his help in your situation.

We need to fight back against that instinct and temptation to worry and be in fear. Jesus was tested and tempted in the desert by the devil and what were his responses in Matthew 4?  “It is written!”  Jesus knew the power of the Word and authority it carried when spoken, so He used it to push back against the temptation and trials. This approach defeated his enemy. If we “Speak Up” it will work for us too!

A pointman in a war situation does not walk into an active combat situation without the tools and a plan to accomplish the mission. A fighter does not step into the ring without a fight plan and the technique to rely on. Sometimes he may feel that he is not prepared for what is about to happen, but that is ok. He has trained hard and fought long enough to rely on his training.

We are often in a situation where we can learn from that example. Things may be going wrong in our marriage or with our children. We never plan to fail, but need to be prepared to fight back against the circumstances and worry that the enemy throws at us. How??  Let’s find the tools and make a plan. By speaking and confessing God’s word over every situation in our lives we are drawing our sword against the devil. One of the main tools we have in this challenging life is The Word. It comes with great power and authority. Resource yourself with books and online content that will build your faith for the situation you are facing.

I want to challenge you again to begin speaking God’s word over your life and family. If you are not familiar with doing this, I encourage you to find a resource to help you out with that. There are books like “God’s Promises for Your Every Need” and “Prayers That Avail Much.” If we spend time reading and studying the Bible, we will increase the level of awareness of what God has said to us and done for us. I challenge you to go to www.prayers.org and look for prayers for your marriage, your children, your finances. Whatever the need is, the Bible addresses it. The Bible is still as relevant today as the day it was written. Begin to fight the good fight of faith in every situation.

Don’t throw in the towel!! Your marriage and family are too important to give up on. Yes, it is going to take some effort, but you have a chance to win this fight. And don’t give up without giving it all you have! If that means that you have put forth every effort you can think of with little to no success, that is fine, seek counseling. There is no shame in counseling whether it is Pastoral counseling or Professional counseling.

Don’t give up, Speak up!

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